Arthritis Pain Relief For the Wrist and Hand

Relieve arthritis pain in the wrist, thumb and fingers.You may be experiencing joint pain, swelling, stiffness and/or loss of motion in your wrist, fingers and thumb making many normal activities painful if not impossible to do. And, since there are 27 bones in each hand, there are many joints that can cause you pain. The most commonly affected joints are the knuckles of the mid-finger and the joint at the base of the thumb. (If you have noticed that one or another type of computer mouse causes you pain in your thumb or fingers, stop using it immediately and switch to another type mouse.) You may have also developed lumps or nodules around your knuckles that are actually bone spurs.To relieve pain in your wrist or hand, wrap it up in a low-level continuous heat wrap, a microwaveable heat pad or a heating pad with automatic off-switch in case you fall asleep. Soak in hot water and then cold. Simply fill one sink (or pan) with cold water (about 65 degrees) and another with warm water (110 degrees). Soak in the warm water for five to 10 minutes then in the cold for one minute. Back to the warm for three to four minutes and then the cold for another minute. Repeat several times.Coat in melted paraffin wax to trap the heat where you need it. Leave wax on while it cools and hardens, then peel it away to use again.Most over the counter pain medications will give you temporary relief. Experiment to find out which ones work the best for you.Strengthening exercises for the arm and hand help steady the wrist and protect the joint from shock and stress. Range-of-motion and stretching exercises can improve your wrist motion. Wrist braces and supports will help reduce pain during activity and help you perform simple activities.Avoid lifting and carrying heavy loads.Find an occupational or a physical therapist who will help you maintain motion and prevent joint stiffening. Ultrasound treatments are performed by physical therapists or occupational therapists and may be useful for relieving your pain and inflammation. Or consult your doctor about cortisone injections to treat inflammation, a common problem in patients with wrist arthritis.Several surgical procedures may be done to the fingers including removing the bone spurs, fusing the joint, and replacing the joint. The most common surgery to treat the thumb is to remove a portion of the joint and bone and replace it with a tendon graft. This helps maintain motion at the base of the thumb and is effective at relieving pain.One surgical procedure for the wrist is wrist fusion, a procedure that secures the bones of the forearm to the bones in the wrist and hand. As it eliminates all movement at the wrist joint, it eliminates pain but the loss of motion prevents some normal activities.Another surgery for the wrist is proximal row carpectomy, a procedure to remove three of the small bones from the wrist joint. By removing the arthritic bone, pain is diminished and motion is preserved. It is only an option for some types of wrist arthritis.Revolution in pain management.

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