Life Art Models and Hand Wrist Pains

Most people think that wrist pain comes from high-repetition of unnatural motion, such as those which occur at the grocery store moving items across the scanner at the checkout counter or those who spend all day typing on a key-board. It’s not that those things are not problematic or cause carpal tunnel, research proves they do, but what people fail to realize is there are so many other things which cause hand and wrist pain. I’d like to tell you about one you hadn’t yet considered; that of a life art model, attempting to hold a pose for a long-period of time for a group of painters. Let’s talk.

Try this sometime; sit on the ground and lean back, then turn your body slightly sideways and put one arm stretched out, and then bring it in another 8 inches so your elbow is bent. Next take the move your hand and rotate it 120-degrees and spread out your fingers in your hand. Then take a book in your other hand put your thumb in the center of the book and hold open the pages. Put your elbow on that arm facing forward and slightly angle your hand backwards. Now hold that pose for 30 minutes. How does that make you feel?

I am sure you are able to hold that pose just because this is a challenge and you didn’t want to look silly. But go ahead and hold it for another 30 minutes after taking a 10 minute pause. Well, now you know what it’s like to have hand and wrist pain as a life art model. If you do these things every day, eventually you will have a real challenge, and yes you will eventually adapt and your muscles will get stronger, but you will also have problems with your joints, wrists, and hands. You might think that being a life art model is easy because you just sit there and make money for doing nothing.

Still, believe me, it’s much more difficult. There are ergonomically ideal positions to sit in or lie in, and it is tricky to find a good pose that you can hold for a long duration of time without getting sore, tired, or having muscle cramps or pain afterwards. What’s the answer? Start out with the simpler poses and as you get better at it you can work into the more difficult poses without injuring yourself. Please consider all this and think on it.

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Best Magnet Therapy For Hand-Wrist-Pain

Have you been searching the internet for answers to your wrist or hand pain? Did you search for magnet therapy and get many offers to sell you something but not the answers to your questions?

I am a massage therapist with concentration on pain problems and I help people with pain like yours every week. Because I am limited in how far I can go and how many people I can put my hands on; I started writing on the internet to give others answers. This article will concentrate on hand and wrist pain but if you have other pain locations they may be covered in other articles.

The problem with hand and wrist pain is that the muscles that move the hand and wrist are located mostly far up in the fore arm. Applying a magnet to the point of pain may not aid the cause of the pain developing though it may help some of the pain at the site.

First, before explaining how to treat wrist and hand pain, I will explain what you can expect the magnets to do. I do not believe magnets directly effect pain. What I do believe is that magnets effect the water that is the basis of cellular and body function. If you understand the effect of a magnet on water you will better understand how to use magnets for therapy.

What a magnet does to water

A magnet exerts force at the electron level. therefore a magnet changes water by speeding up the electrons in the water molecule. This changes the water from a structure that is like spaghetti to one that is more like spaghetti-Os. This structure is more usable by the cells and the processes that your body uses for repair and nerve muscle coordination.

Therefore you want to use a magnet to help your body repair the cause of pain not the pain itself. Pain is your body’s message to your mind that you should do something different. You want to listen to your pain and take appropriate action. This is where you may need an experienced therapist to help to explain what your pain is trying to tell you.

Usually hand and wrist pain is caused by muscles fighting each other. For example a sudden strain on one muscle can set off a counter strain in the apposing muscle and this does not get canceled and may persist for decades. A more specific example the muscle fibers that bend a finger and straiten it may be pulling constantly on one side bending a joint [scientific name arthrose] sideways, this causes an irritation [scientific name itus] I am not allowed to put the italicized words together because it is a diagnosis but I think you can figure it out.

A painful finger joint can be helped by a ring of 1/8 inch magnetic spheresbut at the same time you need to treat the muscle imbalance on the top and bottom of the fore arm. This can be done with a disc magnet held in place with an elastic band. Strong neodymium magnets may be obtained relatively inexpensively on the internet now. I recommend 1/4 inch thick because thiner ones tend to shatter too easily. I apply self adhesive Velcro hooks on the positive side of the magnet so that dose not slip out from under the elastic. it can also be held in place by placing a steel washer on the outside of the fabric. You may need the assistance of an experienced therapist to help you locate the trigger points that are located.

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